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HLJ - Human resources manager (work, motivation and productivity)

'Working with Neil helped me unlock my potential. Neil worked with me to identify areas in my professional life in which I could be more decisive. He helped me reset some of my cognitive patterns so that I feel confident about my abilities and the specific ways I can add value to my job. As a result I no longer waste time or energy at work and I feel successful every day.'

BJE - Retired Teacher (stress control and relaxation)

'After many years of suffering from stress, worry, overthinking and poor sleep quality, hypnotherapy sessions with Neil were the answer. His calm, soothing voice; his understanding and empathy and the coping mechanisms set in place enabled me to deal with my various problems. These sessions have made a significant difference in my life.'

JM - Retired Nurse  (stress)

'I was experiencing high levels of underlying stress following a diagnosis that my husband was terminally Ill with cancer. 

I began weekly hypnotherapy sessions with Neil. During the sessions I found myself able to completely immerse myself & surrender all the negativity & worries in my mind & relax the tension in my body 

Neil has a voice that soothes & enabled me to attain deep relaxation. It felt like a complete reset of my mind - almost in a way we train our bodies, I felt I was experiencing regular training of my mind to wellness. Each session gave me a new perspective & further deepening of my relaxation My situation has not changed but the way I feel about about everything now is from a calmer way of being & feeling more in control of the things I can control 

Thank you Neil'

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